Stari logo D.O.O "ACoS" is a company that designs and builds individual and collective residential buildings, public and economy buildings, and also plans the environment – so called urbanism. We have been in architecture for a decade, and we involve number of specialists in designing and construction of our buildings, which makes us inaccessible for our opponents.
We approach the task of designing the simple and humble houses as seriously, as we approach difficult and challenging projects.
In life, as in designing, we don’t have other goals except improvement and perfecting the solutions for Your objects and investments.
Dear potential users of the services of "ACoS", in designing of your object, we can proudly say that "ACoS" creates projects with all the necessary details and quality solutions that eliminate excessive spending up to 10% of the price of your object.
You get even more with our outstanding architectural solutions which increase the value of your objects permanently – at the same time you get a high quality investment for your future and the future of your family.


D.O.O "ACoS" from Rožaje gives complete designing service in the area of architecture, which includes production of the complete technical documentation in all of the project stages, according to domestic and foreign standards.
We use the state of the art technology in design, which implicates usage of modern software tools and also our very own original methods and models, developed according to the specific wishes of our clients. Special attention is paid to continuous development of our employees. Engineers in "ACoS" have official licences for designing and construction, and also a great experience necessary for planning and realization of different projects. Our engineers have won several prizes for their project solutions.


Construction activities include architectural and craftsmen jobs, electrical jobs and also thermotechnical instalations of the heating. Engineers in "ACoS" have the capability to create technical solutions according to the specific needs of the given projects, which fulfill the wishes of investors.


Professional supervision during the construction of different objects implies coordination and field control of the current work progress, and continuous reports to the investors.


"ACoS" engineers, according to the prescription of Bureau ofEmployment, have succesfully led the training of several architectural profiles (bricklayers, carpenters, steel-setters, plaster workers, etc.).
Students of Faculty of Architecture can do their special practice in our company.




Entirior design

Wooden houses


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